Ester Tarabal

27 year old Ester Tarabal, who comes from Barcelona, ​​is our fine-art specialist in Copenhagen. Her forces are undoubtedly in her geometric works, her mandala & black work, and not least her pastel and watercolor color designs. Esther also works with the realism genre, whom she loves to mix into her other branches.

She has been in the tattoo industry for the last 7 years but only tattooed in half of these – 3.5 years.

This is because she spent the time she was 18 years old, helping to design works for artists in a studio she spent a lot of time in, in Barcelona. Since then, she has studied fine art while still helping her in the studio. Subsequently, she has balanced her time between being a tattoo artist and developing her artistic qualities on her small art projects.

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  • Navn: Ester Tarabal
  • Alder: 1990
  • Nationalitet: Catalansk
  • Studie: København
  • Tatoveret siden: 2014
  • Stilarter: Farve og Black and grey realisme – Ornamental – Dotwork – Blackwork – Fineline